JX Small Pipe Making Machine
JX Straw Forming Machine
JX Straw Packing Machine
JX Straw Cutting Machine
JX Straw Auxiliary Equipment

Contact: Forbes Ma
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Name:Flexible straw encasement machine
Name:JX011 One color straw making machine with big wheel cutter
Name:JX011 one color straw making machine
Name:JX012 two color straw making machine
Name:JX013 three color straw making machine
Name:JX021 flexible straw making machine
Name:JX22 cold cutting machine with 039 cutting machine
Name:JX031 single straw paper packing machine
Name:JX033 u-shape flexible straw packing machine
Name:JX42 multiple straw packing machine
Name:oral liquid straw extrusion line
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