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JX42 Multiple drinking straw automatic packing machine


JX42 Multiple drinking straw automatic packing machine

JX42 series is an automatic machine for packing multiple straws. The machine is composed of drive motor, system, automatic tension film release and reel device, feeding section, sealing and cutting section, conveyor belt etc.


1. It can finish packing and sealing at one time.

2. Automatic counting.

3. Adjustable packing speed and packing length.

4. Easy operation.


Driving motor

0.75kw/control by frequency converter

Power: 220V


2-16 pcs/package

60-100 package/min

16-50 pcs/package

30-60 package/min

Packing method

Three side sealing

The edge has twoshape: smooth or  tooth

Packing material

BOPP film

Width of packing

Can be customized by client

Specification of drinking straw

Diameter: 3-6mm

Length: 80-250mm

Machine size


Weight: 400kg